Best Fireworks 2015

Let freedom ring! July 4th is this saturday! Find out where to go for the best fireworks show, make this year a year to remember!

Get your RV ready for Summer

It's that time again, spring cleaning, dusting off our sandles and putting away your snow boats. This also means it's time to get your RV read y for summer adventures. 

Storage Wars

The reality T.V show “Storage Wars” on A&E has taken off. It is a modern day treasure hunt, which follows men and women from all over searching for great deals and not afraid to fight for them. So what makes this show so intriguing? 

Moving large furniture


Big furniture piece is no easy thing to move. And while a mattress can be separated from a bed frame, a couch or a sofa has the unique characteristic of being both rigid and delicate. So how do you move and store a monstrous fabric covered piece without staining, bending, breaking, or damaging it?


The Day Of Love

Valentine's day is saturday we are here to help!

Best places to snowmobiling Colorado

Colorado is all about the powder and what a better way to see if that in a snowmobile

Santa Is Coming to Town

Ho Ho Ho! Holiday's may be fun but they sure are not cheap. What if I told you that your whole family could enjoy 3 diffrent Holiday outings for free! I am guessing your ears just perked up as mine did when I realized that you don't have forget holiday cheer just because of the price tag. 

Winterizing Your Boat


Winter is here and if you have not already winterized your boat, it is time to get on that. Here are a few practical steps that you can take to make sure your boat is ready to run for the next season.


Snowmobile in Colorado

Snow is finally making its way to Colorado! Geer up for snow sports!

Winterize your home

Don't wait till winter to winterize your home. October is prime time to get ready for the cold, here are easy tips 

Meet the Staff

Why choose Prime Self Storage? Family owed and family run! Its time for you to meet the staff 


Bronco season

Here's everything you need for a great year of football

Fall into the season, time to Winterize your RV

It's that time of year again, my personal favorite, fall. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling and the outdoor chores are becoming fewer and fewer. Time to put that lawn mower away, turn off the sprinklers and curl up indoors. But before you get too comfortable make sure you take the right precautions with your summer toys.  


Love the Outdoors-Video of the Week:Skiing

Incase You Missed the 2012 Winter X Games Slopestyle Skiing Winner Last Night Catch it Here!

Fun in the sun

Colorado has so many fun outdoor concerts and parks! Here are list of a few you shouldn't miss!

How To Best Organize Your Storage Unit

Need better access to your stuff in your storage unit? How much time have you wasted looking for one item? Learn how to get organized and quick! 

Let's go hike

Let's get hiking with new apps you'll be set

down sizing

downsizing can be a drag but here are some tips to make 

Spring has sprung

Tomorrow is the first day of spring which means great weather, hiking, concerts, flowers and ....spring cleaning. 

Don't Throw It Out Reuse It!

Everyday objects become time savers! 

Spring Cleaning


Spring forward! The time change is always a good reminder that change is in the air, and what better way to embrace spring but by spring cleaning. Clean out the garage and get ready for warm weather in the near future! Anything you don't need around the house...Store it!



Love the Outdoors - Video of the Week

Love the Outdoors -  Video of the Week

Urban Self Storage Now Open

Our sister store now is open and offering a great deal! 

storage can be easy as 1-2-3

PRIME SELF STORAGE easy as 1-2-3