Storage Wars

The excitement “Storage Wars”

This show takes viewers to local self storage businesses all over the united states and lets them bid on the unit as a whole. When the owner does not claim their stored items or stops paying for their storage unite after 30 days its up for grabs. The trick? You can only look into the storage unit, one can not go in and look around or touch before bidding on all the items. Some times you end up with buried treasure and some times you paid a lot of money for lot of junk.

storage wars 2


Top 5 Finds

  • Purchased an abandoned unit for $1,000 and found 16 gold Spanish coins, silver Spanish dollars and gold and sliver bars adding up to $500,000

  • Seven truckloads of comic books, including the very first Spider-Man.

  • Four Picasso paintings

  •  An Abraham Lincoln letter,  says the note sold for $150,000

  • Exotic furniture by R&Y Augousti


Where can you get involved in the bidding? 

If you love a good deal and some compition check out an auction near you, you never know what you'll end up with or what you wish you had. 


storage 3

At Prime Self Storage we haven't had a storage war yet but who knows maybe one day. But for now keep us in mind if you want to store your hidden treasure !