Get your RV ready for Summer

Is your RV ready for your adventures this summer? 

Five steps to get you ready 

Class A RV

1. Before taking your RV home check to make sure winter was not hard on your RV. 


Especially in Colorado snow can build up on the roof of your Rv and cause water damage, ruin your grills etc. If everything looks ok reinstall the battery and make sure that the breaks and break lights work before taking it home to farther inspect.  

2. Preparing the water system: 

If you used low pressure to empty the system then drain petcock and fill it up. Turn on the pump and pressurize the system. It will fill the water heater and once pressure has built up it will shut off. 

3. Gass hookup: 

The gas appliances are next.  Turn on one of the LP tanks and light the stove burners.  This will take most of the trapped air out of the gas line.  After they light, turn them off and try lighting the refrigerator on gas.  Leave it running because, while driving, it will be on gas and you want to make sure it stays lit.

4. Saftey first : 

Install new batteries in the smoke detector and the carbon monoxide detector.  Check the fire extinguisher to make sure the needle is in the green.

5. Make a plan 

The best part of it all, create a bucket list of places to expericnce this summer. Map it out and head out on your adventure. 

When you return Prime Self Storage will be here to store your RV and keep it safe till your next adventure.